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Lightweight, easy to use, and fully adjustable from 19” to 29”.

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It’s about time! Through the years I am sure we have all struggled with the task of effectively using our 3D targets. It should be enjoyable but in using the stakes provided with the target the user must hammer them into the ground at the perfect distance and straight (without hitting their hand!). NOT EASY! There are several companies that have attempted to offer a target stand solution to this, but for whatever reason have failed. With the HME Products 3D Target Stand we have successfully solved all the problems involved in the set-up and use of your 3D Target. It is lightweight, easy to use and fully adjustable from 19” to 29”. This will allow the user to adjust and lock the length according to their target, making it much easier to place the 3D Target on prior to use. This is certainly a challenge with the competition’s. After your target is installed, the raised leg design will allow the user to place on uneven ground, unlike some competitor’s designs. Great for indoor or outdoor use. Durable olive powder coat finish.

  • First and only universal and effective bag target stand
  • Heavy Duty design to accommodate up to 30” target
  • Adjustable hanger brackets
  • Great for indoor or outdoor use

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