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Easy to use, compact size, resealable container with attached lid. Clip for easy attachment to branches. Also includes Reflective Strips for easy spotting.

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Through the years, hunters have had to struggle with the frustrating task of using scents. It was our goal to make using scents easier. The Seal-Tite® Scent Dispenser provides the hunter with an air-tight, resealable container that has an attached lid. They are compact and easily transported by placing them in your pocket or clipping them to your clothing. The scent dispenser is used by simply opening the lid and clipping it to a branch. The reflective strips (included) will allow you to easily locate your scent dispensers when leaving the woods.

  • Easy to use, compact size
  • Resealable container with attached lid
  • Clip for easy attachment to branches
  • Reflective Strips for easy spotting

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