Sound Library

Sounds ID & Name
002-Bear Brown ORION.mp3
007-Bear Growl Grizzly ORION.mp3
012-Black Bear Cub Distress.mp3
004-Bear Growl 2 Grizzly ORION.mp3
008-Bear Growl ORION.mp3
011-Bear Black Cub Distress.mp3
009-Bear Roaring ORION.mp3
006-Bear Growl Grizzly.mp3
003-Bear Cub Grunts ORION.mp3
010-Bear Black Chomping & Snorting ORION.mp3
005-Bear Growl 3 Grizzly.mp3

Sounds ID & Name
013-Beaver 1.mp3
014-Beaver Eating in Wild.mp3
012-Beaver ORION.mp3
015-Beaver Startled.mp3

Sounds ID & Name
298-Sand Hill Crane Flying ORION.mp3
BluejayDistress by Dave Kelso.mp3
221-Magpie Chirps ORION.mp3
398-Woodstorks in Rain ORION.mp3
402-Parrots Feeding.mp3
222-Bird Distress and Death Cries.mp3
242-Martin Blue ORION.mp3
299-Sand Hill Crane ORION.mp3
399-Woodstorks Baby ORION.mp3

Sounds ID & Name
013-Bobcat Distress.mp3
014-Bobcat Purring.mp3
015-Bobcat In Heat Call.mp3

Sounds ID & Name
052-Canine Pup Distress.mp3
051-Canine Distress.mp3

Sounds ID & Name
066-House Cat Cries 2.mp3
065-House Cat Cries 1.mp3
332-Tiger Growls ORION.mp3

Sounds ID & Name
055-Chicken Distress 1 ORION.mp3
054-Chicken Distress 1.mp3
302-Chicken Distress.mp3
053-Chicken Domestic ORION.mp3
222-Chicken Distress and Death Cries.mp3
057-Chickens 2.mp3
052-Chicken Distress.mp3
058-Chickens 3.mp3
059-Chickens 4.mp3

Sounds ID & Name
067-Cougar Growling.mp3

Sounds ID & Name
068-Cow Baby Calf ORION.mp3

Sounds ID & Name
106-Coyote Lone Howl 2 ORION.mp3
102-Coyote Lone Challenge ORION.mp3
084-Coyote Challenge Mature.mp3
CoyoteSingleBarking by Dave Kelso.mp3
111-Coyote Pup ORION.mp3
097-Coyote Locator 2 ORION.mp3
096-Coyote Locator 2.mp3
CoyotePupDistress by Dave Kelso.mp3
079-Coyote Challenge Bark 1 ORION.mp3
078-Coyote Challenge Bark 1.mp3
075-Coyote Barking.mp3
Coyote Mate Howls.mp3
086-Coyote Greeting.mp3
108-Coyote Pup.mp3
100-Coyote Locator 4 ORION.mp3
091-Coyote Howling Female.mp3
092-Coyote Howling Female ORION.mp3
085-Coyote Challenge Mature ORION.mp3
076-Coyote Barking ORION.mp3
2CoyotesBarking by Dave Kelso.mp3
Coyote Killing Jackrabbit 3 min.mp3
103-Coyote Lone Howl 1.mp3
094-Coyote Locator 1.mp3
444-Coyote Howls and Pup Cries.mp3
090-Coyote Howling.mp3
087-Coyote Greeting Howl 1.mp3
105-Coyote Lone Howl 2.mp3
088-Coyote Greeting Howl 1 ORION.mp3
112-Coyote Pups Howling.mp3
083-Coyote Challenge ORION.mp3
107-Coyote Pack Howling.mp3
CoyotesonKill by Dave Kelso.mp3
109-Coyote Pup Distress 1.mp3
101-Coyote Lone Challenge.mp3
111-Coyote Killing Jackrabbit 3 min.mp3
CoyoteDistress1by Dave Kelso.mp3
099-Coyote Locator 4.mp3
222-Pups and Rodent.mp3
082-Coyote Challenge Howl.mp3
111-Bird and Coyote and Death Cries.mp3
089-Coyote Howl 1.mp3
080-Coyote Challenge Dominant Male.mp3
077-Coyote Challenge.mp3
01-Coyote Alerts.mp3
098-Coyote Locator 3 ORION.mp3
104-Coyote Lone Howl 1 ORION.mp3
110-Coyote Pup Distress 1 ORION.mp3
081-Coyote Challenge Dominant Male ORION.mp3
095-Coyote Locator 1 ORION.mp3
070-Coyote & Fawn Distress.mp3
111-Coyote Mate Call.mp3
072-Coyote & Fawn Distress ORION.mp3
CoyoteDistress2 By Dave Kelso.mp3

Sounds ID & Name
Crow Buster.mp3
Crow Hawk Distress.mp3
118-Crow 1.mp3
128-Crow Frenzy.mp3
114-Crow & Dove.mp3
Crow Hawk Fight.mp3
555-Crow and Owl Distress and Death Cries.mp3
SingleCrowDistress by Dave Kelso.mp3
116-Crow & Hawk Fight.mp3
Fighting Crow Distress.mp3
122-Crow Mega 2.mp3
129-Crow Frenzy ORION.mp3
555-Crow Come Distress and Death Cries.mp3
Crow Distress.mp3
296-Raven Signal.mp3
Crow Help Call.mp3
119-Crow 1 ORION.mp3
555-Crow Fighting Distress.mp3
130-Crow ORION.mp3
555-Hawk and Crow Distress Death Cries.mp3
123-Crow Mega 2 ORION.mp3
115-Crow & Dove ORION.mp3

Sounds ID & Name
132-Doe Bleat.mp3
131-Deer Pawing.mp3
166-Fawn Distress 1.mp3
018-Buck Grunt 2 Tending ORION.mp3
140-Doe Estrus Bleat Mild.mp3
019-Buck Grunt ORION.mp3
024-Buck Social Grunt.mp3
BuckTendingGrunt By Dave Kelso.mp3
017-Buck Grunt 2 Tending.mp3
167-Fawn Distress 2 ORION.mp3
138-Doe Estrus Bleat Heavy.mp3
031-Bucks Sparring 2.mp3
022-Buck Snort ORION.mp3
020-Buck Rubbing Tree.mp3
FawnDistress3 by Dave Kelso.mp3
BuckChallenge by Dave Kelso.mp3
FawnDistress1By Dave Kelso.mp3
FawnDistress2 by Dave Kelso.mp3
026-Buck Tending Grunt.mp3
BuckClickingTeeth by Dave Kelso.mp3
015-Buck Dominant Grunt.mp3
164-Fawn Distress.mp3
136-Doe Bleats.mp3
016-Buck Grunt.mp3
021-Buck Snort.mp3
134-Doe Bleat 2 ORION.mp3
030-Bucks Sparring.mp3
139-Doe Estrus Bleat Heavy ORION.mp3
LostFawn by Dave Kelso.mp3
135-Doe Bleat ORION.mp3
BuckGruntBig By Dave Kelso.mp3
165-Fawn Distress 1 ORION.mp3
028-Bucks Fighting.mp3
023-Buck Snort Wheeze.mp3
168-Fawn Deer Distress.mp3
163-Fawn Distress.mp3
BuckGruntSmall by Dave Kelso.mp3
133-Doe Bleat 2.mp3
137-Doe Bleats ORION.mp3
025-Buck Social Grunt ORION.mp3
027-Buck Tending Grunt ORION.mp3
DoeInHeat by Dave Kelso.mp3

Sounds ID & Name
274-Pintail Whistle ORION.mp3
235-Mallard Greeting Call 2.mp3
241-Mallards Flying ORION.mp3
227-Mallard Duck Lonesome Hen.mp3
238-Mallard Hail Call.mp3
225-Mallard Duck Competition ORION.mp3
230-Mallard Duck Molded Single Reed Duck Call.mp3
226-Mallard Duck Field Duck Call.mp3
239-Mallard Hail Call ORION.mp3
229-Mallard Duck Molded Double Reed Duck Call.mp3
234-Mallard Greeting Call.mp3
222-Mallard Comeback Call.mp3
240-Mallards Flying.mp3
237-Mallard Greeting Call ORION.mp3
236-Mallard Greeting Call 3.mp3
223-Mallard Comeback Call 2.mp3
228-Mallard Duck Lonesome Hen ORION.mp3
242-Mallard Feeding Call.mp3
232-Mallard Feed Call.mp3
233-Mallard Feed Call ORION.mp3
224-Mallard Duck Competition.mp3
231-Mallard Duck Timber Call.mp3
273-Pintail Whistle.mp3

Sounds ID & Name
145-Elephant ORION.mp3
144-Elephant1 ORION.mp3

Sounds ID & Name
157-Elk Bugle Grunt.mp3
148-Elk Bellows 1 ORION.mp3
150-Elk Bugle 1 ORION.mp3
159-Elk Grunt.mp3
151-Elk Bugle 2.mp3
161-Elk Grunt ORION.mp3
152-Elk Bugle 2 ORION.mp3
158-Elk Bugle Grunt ORION.mp3
147-Elk - Cow Adult ORION.mp3
154-Elk Bugle Adult ORION.mp3
160-Elk Grunt and Bellow ORION.mp3
146-Elk - Cow Adult.mp3
155-Elk Bugle Young.mp3
153-Elk Bugle Adult.mp3
156-Elk Bugle Young ORION.mp3
149-Elk Bellows 2 ORION.mp3

Sounds ID & Name
188-Fox Cry.mp3
192-Red Fox Whines.mp3
FoxPupDistress by Dave Kelso.mp3
185-Fox Bark.mp3
184-Fox and Bird.mp3
169-Gray Fox & Coyote Puppy ORION.mp3
180-Gray Fox.mp3
169-Fox & Coyote Puppy ORION.mp3
FoxFemaleHeat by Dave Kelso.mp3
193-Red Fox Yipps.mp3
189-Gray Fox Bark.mp3
183-Baby Kit Fox.mp3
FoxGreetingBark by Dave Kelso.mp3
186-Fox Barking Distance.mp3
182-Gray Fox ORION.mp3
187-Fox Call.mp3

Sounds ID & Name
333-Goat Distress and Death Cries.mp3
272-Pigmy Goat.mp3

Sounds ID & Name
318-Snow Goose Modified.mp3
039-Canada Goose Call.mp3
045-Canada Goose Come Back Call ORION.mp3
177-Goose Domestic ORION.mp3
044-Canada Goose Come Back Call 2 ORION.mp3
036-Canada Goose 1 ORION.mp3
320-Snow Goose Flock Small.mp3
322-Speckle Belly Goose.mp3
047-Canada Goose Greeting Call 2.mp3
312-Snow Goose Feeding Modified.mp3
308-Snow Goose Call.mp3
320-Speckle Belly Goose Call.mp3
314-Snow Goose Flock Large Modified.mp3
042-Canada Goose Come Back Call.mp3
048-Canada Goose Greeting Call ORION.mp3
037-Canada Goose 2.mp3
305-Snow Geese Feeding.mp3
041-Canada Goose Clucks & Double Clucks.mp3
034-Canada Geese Flock ORION.mp3
032-Canada Geese 1.mp3
038-Canada Goose 2 ORION.mp3
049-Canada Goose Intermediate Greeting Call.mp3
313-Snow Goose Flock Large.mp3
321-Speckle Belly Goose Modified.mp3
307-Snow Geese Feeding 2.mp3
309-Snow Goose Call ORION.mp3
315-Snow Goose Flock Large Modified ORION.mp3
035-Canada Goose 1.mp3
319-Snow Goose Modified ORION.mp3
306-Snow Geese Feeding 1.mp3
040-Canada Goose Call ORION.mp3
317-Snow Goose Flock Small Modified.mp3
311-Snow Goose Feeding 1.mp3
043-Canada Goose Come Back Call 2.mp3
310-Snow Goose Feeding.mp3
033-Canada Geese Flock.mp3
046-Canada Goose Greeting Call.mp3
304-Snow Geese.mp3

Sounds ID & Name
002-Shot Gun 2.mp3

Sounds ID & Name
400-Goshawk Wailing Call 1.mp3
179-Goshawk Wailing Call 1 ORION.mp3
183-Hawk & Magpie.mp3
178-Goshawk 1 ORION.mp3
401-Goshawk Wailing Call 2.mp3

Sounds ID & Name
SingleHogFeeding by Dave Kelso.mp3
HogsFeedingFrenzy by Dave Kelso.mp3
SingleHogDistress by Dave Kelso.mp3
186-Hog Distress Wild.mp3

Sounds ID & Name
198-Javelina Huffing.mp3
199-Javelinas Feeding ORION.mp3

Sounds ID & Name
206-Lambs Eating ORION.mp3
202-Lamb Bleats.mp3
203-Lamb Bleats ORION.mp3
204-Lamb ORION.mp3

Sounds ID & Name
208-Leopard Growls.mp3
266-Panther Pants.mp3
207-Leopard1 ORION.mp3
209-Leopard Growls ORION.mp3
267-Panther Pants ORION.mp3
265-Panther ORION.mp3

Sounds ID & Name
214-Lion 3 ORION.mp3
218-Lion cub ORION.mp3
213-Lion 3.mp3
212-Lion 2.mp3
216-Lion cub.mp3
215-Lion 4.mp3

Sounds ID & Name
220-Loon Talking ORION.mp3

Sounds ID & Name
001-12 Gauge Shotgun Blast.mp3
03-Alligator Hiss with Background.mp3
01-Alligator Bellow 2.mp3
04-Rattlesnake Alert.mp3
02-Alligator Bellow 1.mp3

Sounds ID & Name
243-Monkey Distress ORION.mp3

Sounds ID & Name
01-Cow 13 Come Get Me Big Boy by Dave Kelso.mp3
CowinHeatLong1 By Dave Kelso.mp3
02-Young Cow Come Get Me Big Boy by Dave Kelso.mp3
CowInHeatShort2 by Dave Kelso.mp3
245-Moose Bull.mp3
07-Old Bull In Love by Dave Kelso.mp3
05-Bull Raking Bush by Dave Kelso.mp3
10-Young Bull In Love by Dave Kelso.mp3
246-Moose Bull ORION.mp3
09-Summer Calf In Distress 2 by Dave Kelso.mp3
BullTerritorial By Dave Kelso.mp3
03-Old Cow In Heat Long Call by Dave Kelso.mp3
02-Young Cow In Heat Short Call by Dave Kelso.mp3
06-Cow Moose In Distress by Dave Kelso.mp3
256-Moose Grunt 3 ORION.mp3
02-Young Cow In Heat Locator by Dave Kelso.mp3
03-Old Cow In Heat Short Call by Dave Kelso.mp3
01-Cow 13 In Heat Locator Call by Dave Kelso.mp3
03-Old Cow In Heat Locator Call by Dave Kelso.mp3
08-Old Bull Wants To Fight by Dave Kelso.mp3
07-Old Bull Challenge Call by Dave Kelso.mp3
02-Young Cow In Heat Long Call by Dave Kelso.mp3
252-Moose Grunt 2 ORION.mp3
04-Cow In Heat Not Ready to Stand by Dave Kelso.mp3
CowInHeatShort1 By Dave Kelso.mp3
05-Bull Raking Tree by Dave Kelso.mp3
10-Young Bull In Love Hound Dogging by Dave Kelso.mp3
BullGruntSingle by Dave Kelso.mp3
CowInHeatLong2 by Dave Kelso.mp3
CowinHeatLocator by Dave Kelso.mp3
CowInHeatReady1 by Dave Kelso.mp3
10-Young Bull Territorial by Dave Kelso.mp3
08-Old Bull Territorial Call by Dave Kelso.mp3
247-Moose Grunt 1.mp3
257-Moose Grunt 4.mp3
CowInHeatReady2 by Dave Kelso.mp3
01-Cow 13 In Heat Short Call by Dave Kelso.mp3
05-Bull Moose Call.mp3
05-Bulls Fighting by Dave Kelso.mp3
10-Young Bull Wants To Fight by Dave Kelso.mp3
08-Old Bull In Love Hound Dogging by Dave Kelso.mp3
01-Cow 13 In Heat Long by Dave Kelso.mp3
249-Moose Grunt 1 ORION.mp3
250-Moose Grunt 2.mp3
03-Old Cow Come Get Me Big Boy by Dave Kelso.mp3
09-Winter Calf In Distress 1 by Dave Kelso.mp3
06-Cow Harrassed by Young Bull by Dave Kelso.mp3

Sounds ID & Name
260-Owl 1 ORION.mp3
261-Owl 2 ORION.mp3
Owl Crow Fight.mp3
Hoot Owl.mp3
263-Owl Spotted ORION.mp3
262-Owl Screech ORION.mp3
333-Barn Owl.mp3

Sounds ID & Name
06-Pheasant Flush.mp3
01-Pheasant Cackle.mp3

Sounds ID & Name
269-Pig ORION.mp3
271-Piglet Baby.mp3
274-Wild Pig Squeal.mp3
272-Baby Wild Pig Distress.mp3

Sounds ID & Name
275-Prairie Dog ORION.mp3

Sounds ID & Name
276-Quail Bob White 1.mp3
277-Quail Bob White 1 ORION.mp3
279-Quail California ORION.mp3
278-Quail California.mp3

Sounds ID & Name
194-Jackrabbit Distress ORION.mp3
067-Cottontail Distress 5 Min.mp3
Meadowlark 2.mp3
068-Wild Rabbit Distress Call With Death Cries.mp3
RabbitDistress2 by Dave Kelso.mp3
188-Jackrabbit 1.mp3
192-Jackrabbit Distress 1.mp3
069-Wild Rabbit Distress.mp3
444-Jack Rabbit Distress and Death Cries.mp3
062-Cottontail Distress 1.mp3
444-Cottontail Distress and Death Cries.mp3
066-Cottontail ORION.mp3
063-Cottontail Distress 1 ORION.mp3
333-Cotton Distress and Death Cries.mp3
222-Jackrabbit Distress and Death Cries.mp3
195-Jackrabbit Squalls.mp3
Meadowlark 1.mp3
061-Cottontail Distress.mp3
013-Cottontail And Black Bear.mp3
Wild Rabbit Distress Call With Death Cries.mp3
191-Jackrabbit Distress.mp3
193-Jackrabbit Distress 1 ORION.mp3
064-Cottontail Distress ORION.mp3
444-Cottontail Distress 5 Min.mp3
069-Coyote & Cottontail Distress.mp3
295-Raspy Rabbit ORION.mp3
065-Cottontail Distress Young.mp3
189-Jackrabbit 2.mp3
200-Juvenile Jack Rabbit ORION.mp3
RabbitDistress1 by Dave Kelso.mp3
294-Raspy Rabbit.mp3
333-Jackrabbit Distress and Death Cries.mp3
070-Coyote & Cottontail Distress ORION.mp3
444-Cottontail Distress and Crows Fighting.mp3

Sounds ID & Name
287-Raccoon Puppies ORION.mp3
285-Raccoon Pup ORION.mp3
288-Raccoon Squall.mp3
294-Raccoon & Bird Fighting Distress.mp3
291-Raccoon Squall Young.mp3
290-Raccoon Squall Mity Max.mp3
292-Raccoon Squall Young ORION.mp3
293-Raccoon Squall ORION.mp3
289-Raccoon Squall Adult.mp3
190-Raccoon And Fox Fight.mp3
286-Raccoon Puppies.mp3
295-Raccoon And Fox Fight.mp3
282-Raccoon Babies ORION.mp3
280-Raccoon Babies.mp3
284-Raccoon Pup.mp3

Sounds ID & Name
111-Rodent Distress and Death Cries.mp3
298-Field Rat.mp3
111-Mouse Distress and Death Cries.mp3
297-Rodent Distress ORION.mp3
299-Mouse Distress.mp3
168-Field Mouse.mp3

Sounds ID & Name
302-Siren 2 ORION.mp3
305-Fire Siren.mp3
306-Med Siren Loud.mp3
307-Police Car Siren.mp3
306-Med Siren.mp3
304-Ambulance Siren.mp3
303-Siren ORION.mp3

Sounds ID & Name
324-Squirrel Chattering.mp3
329-Squirrel Chattering Antelope.mp3
323-Squirrel 2 Gray ORION.mp3
333-Squirrel Chattering 2 ORION.mp3
334-Squirrel Chattering 2.mp3
331-Squirrel Distress.mp3
328-Squirrel Chattering Chickaree ORION.mp3
322-Squirrel 2 Gray.mp3
327-Squirrel Chattering Chickaree.mp3
332-Squirrel 2 Gray.mp3
330-Squirrel Chattering Antelope ORION.mp3
325-Squirrel Chattering 2.mp3
326-Squirrel Chattering 2 ORION.mp3

Sounds ID & Name
408-Turkey Cackle 1.mp3
417-Turkey Fly Down Cackle.mp3
338-Turkey Chicks ORION.mp3
Turkey Locator Crow.mp3
074-Coyote & Turkey Distress ORION.mp3
346-Turkey Cutting 1.mp3
381-Turkey Tree Call.mp3
351-Turkey Fly Down Cackle 2.mp3
191-Turkey Distress Fox Daytime.mp3
419-Turkey Hen Yelp 1.mp3
416-Turkey Fly Down Cackle 2.mp3
371-Turkey Lost Yelp 1.mp3
073-Coyote & Turkey Distress.mp3
404-Hen Cluck.mp3
344-Turkey Cutt ORION.mp3
337-Turkey Chicks.mp3
383-Turkey Tree Yelp.mp3
386-Turkey Whine ORION.mp3
364-Turkey Kee Kee 1.mp3
360-Turkey Hen Yelp 1 ORION.mp3
370-Turkey Kee Kee Run ORION.mp3
402-Hen And Jake 1.mp3
335-Turkey Cackle 1 ORION.mp3
380-Turkey Toms.mp3
366-Turkey Kee Kee ORION.mp3
356-Turkey Gobble 1.mp3
353-Turkey Fly Down Cackle ORION.mp3
339-Turkey Cluck 1.mp3
406-Hot Turkey Soft Hen.mp3
412-Turkey Cluck.mp3
378-Turkey Purr 2 ORION.mp3
350-Turkey Fly Down Cackle.mp3
365-Turkey Kee Kee 1 ORION.mp3
341-Turkey Cluck 2.mp3
357-Turkey Gobble ORION.mp3
382-Turkey Tree Call ORION.mp3
345-Turkey Cutting.mp3
420-Turkey Hen Yelp Call.mp3
348-Turkey Cutting ORION.mp3
Turkey Distress Night Call.mp3
666-Turkey Distress Night Call.mp3
375-Turkey Purr 1A.mp3
373-Turkey Panic.mp3
388-Turkey Yelp 1 ORION.mp3
354-Turkey Gobble.mp3
409-Turkey Cackle.mp3
358-Turkey Hen Yelp.mp3
421-Turkey Hen.mp3
400-Young Turkey Chick Distress.mp3
407-Tom Gobble.mp3
363-Turkey Kee Kee.mp3
343-Turkey Cutt.mp3
411-Turkey Cluck 2.mp3
403-Hen and Jake 2.mp3
405-Hen Flydown.mp3
342-Turkey Cluck 2 ORION.mp3
379-Turkey Purr ORION.mp3
418-Turkey Hen Soft Yelp.mp3
369-Turkey Kee Kee Run 1 ORION.mp3
424-Turkey Yelp.mp3
414-Turkey Cutting (1).mp3
361-Turkey Hen Yelp ORION.mp3
367-Turkey Kee Kee Run.mp3
375-Turkey Purr 1B.mp3
422-Turkey Locator Crow.mp3
410-Turkey Cluck 1.mp3
333-Turkey Cackle.mp3
340-Turkey Cluck 1 ORION.mp3
423-Turkey Yelp Hot Hen.mp3
415-Turkey Fighting Purr 1.mp3
372-Turkey Lost Yelp 1 ORION.mp3
355-Turkey Gobble 2.mp3
376-Turkey Purr 1 ORION.mp3
666-Turkey and Fox Distress 5 Minute.mp3
384-Turkey Tree Yelp ORION.mp3
352-Turkey Fly Down Cackle 2 ORION.mp3
387-Turkey Yelp 1.mp3
385-Turkey Whine.mp3
347-Turkey Cutting 1 ORION.mp3
390-Turkey Yelp 4 ORION.mp3
336-Turkey Cackle ORION.mp3
413-Turkey Cutt.mp3
362-Turkey Hens.mp3
359-Turkey Hen Yelp 1.mp3
334-Turkey Cackle 1.mp3
389-Turkey Yelp 4.mp3
349-Turkey Fighting Purr 1.mp3
374-Turkey Purr.mp3
368-Turkey Kee Kee Run 1.mp3
377-Turkey Purr 2.mp3

Sounds ID & Name
392-Wolf2 ORION.mp3
395-Wolf Howls 3.mp3
394-Wolf Howls 2.mp3
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